Raw Land Startup Sponsorship

Become a partner in changing the future of small farms.

Sponsorship allows The Raw Land Startup to produce media that will increase opportunities for small farms. Through our podcast, newsletter, and upcoming events, we can tackle the challenges and issues that new farmers face.

  • “How do I fund my Raw Land Startup?”
  • “Can I run an AirBnB on my farm?”
  • “I’m not a marketing person so how do I handle marketing on a tight budget?”

Depending on your level of support, your Raw Land Startup Sponsorship includes different benefits:

Sponsor Plan 1
(1 month)
Sponsor Plan 2
(6 months)
Sponsor Plan 3
1 Newsletter Ad
1 Podcast Interview
1 Event
6 Newsletter Ads
1 Podcast Interview
*:30 Audio Ad
1 Event
12 Newsletter Ads
1 Podcast Interview
*2 :30 Audio Ads
3 Events
* For your company or gift it your nonprofit* For your company or gift it your nonprofit
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Stout Tent supplies the glamping industry with luxury bell tents. They supported The Raw Land Startup because many of our listeners are interested in the glamping industry.